Driven and Motivated: 8 Activities that you can get done in your travel time

Driven and Motivated: 8 Activities that you  can get done in your travel time

According to a recent survey finding published in the TOI, Indians spend more time behind the wheels than China despite its higher population. Most of us spend a minimum of 100 minutes, if not more, commuting for work or pleasure, leaving very little time for any other activity at the end of the day. If only we could hire a professional driver who can take care of the driving woes and the terrible waste of time! And once you have a trustworthy person looking after your commuting, you have enough time and energy to devote elsewhere. Wondering what you can do other than taking selfies and checking Facebook during your road time?

Here are 10 Activities that can add the necessary spice into your road life:

1. Light Read:

Most of us wish we could be as voracious a reader as we once were. These 100 minutes of commute can be the best time to grab the new bestselling author and lose yourselves into the world of books once again. You can see your private book collection growing in no time and renew your library memberships without any qualms.

2. Work from Car:

In an age where work doesn’t stop in the office and is carried back home, use your commute time to finish presentations, and other pending office work. This will make sure that work stops at the doorsteps of your home and you spend much needed time with your loved ones.

3. News of the Day:

With us having lesser and lesser time every day, the world ceases to exist and current affairs are the ones that social networking sites offer us. Grab your favourite newspaper, a cup of coffee and digestive biscuits, and transform your commute time to “Newspaper Time” rather than squeezing in time during the morning rush hours.

4. Hello Friends and Relatives:

Tired of listening to your friends and relatives complain that you never have time for them? Use some of your commute time to keep in touch with them and plan the much delayed night-out. You can also use this time to keep a tab on upcoming Birthdays and Anniversaries and make sure your wishes reach your loved ones at the right moment.

5. Podcast Time:

With no dearth in 4G networks, you can download your favourite audio or video files and watch it on the go. This is of course if you have not had time to download it beforehand. It can also involve listening to personal improvement videos along with the variety of TV series and movies.

6. Learn a New Language:

Language learning can be fun with just enough time and attention, and what better way to use it and impress your friends with new phrases that you learned on your daily commute. Books such as Language for Dummies and Mobile Applications such as DuoLingo can be your Language teacher, making sure you learn at your own pace.

7. The Correspondence Degree:

Time is one of the main reasons why most of us don’t dare to take up the Correspondence Education Degrees that we have always wanted to. So why not dedicate your commute time into study time, where you make sure you keep up with the expectations of the course and ensure that it enhances your CV.

8. Scheduling and Planning:

Road time can be used to catch up on the day’s schedule, strategize upcoming schedules and plan for events. Planning a Birthday, Anniversary, Weekend, Hospital-visits or even Holiday invariably takes up a lot of time. Plan these events on the go leaving you enough time to bake a personalised cake at home, hunt for the right gift for the occasion, and find the right travel routes for you. If not anything you can always use it to catch up on those few hours of beauty-sleep or start noticing places as you drive past which you generally can’t when you are concentrating hard on the road. So road time isn’t necessarily mundane and boring, with the right person driving you. DriversKart is India’s first mobile app based, on-demand chauffeur services platform. They offer chauffeurs according to the needs of the client, thus, avoiding the hassles of keeping a permanent full-time driver and saving costs. So now, hiring a trusted driver for your next trip is just a click away. Be driven and let yourselves to be motivated.

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