Bid Goodbye to Commuter Stress

Bid Goodbye to Commuter Stress

Ways to overcome daily commuting stressors

“I am feeling so stressed, yaar!!” This exclamation has become part and parcel of every individual today. Sometimes it’s the job, sometimes things at home, and sometimes nothing at all. Causes of many ailments today, from ulcers to migraine headaches, are now being attributed to stress. A new participator in the contributors of stress is “commuting”. Researchers are calling it “the stress that doesn’t pay”. Research as early as 1992, had indicated that stress caused by commuting had negative effects on personal relationships and overall job satisfaction. So the more you commute, the less your personal well-being. We know that there is no bidding good-bye to our daily travel routine. But we can definitely not let the commuting add to our stress levels.

1. The Cause-Effect relationship:

It is of utmost importance to identify what leads you to feel stressed and what its consequences are. A self-analysis of these will help you detect the stressors and you can work on removing them from their core.

Some major causes of stress due to daily travel are:

  • Unpredictability
  • Loss of control
  • Boredom
  • Social Isolation
  • Delays and road blocks
  • Accidents and Mishaps

The effects these causes have are:

  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Loneliness
  • Less time spent with loved ones
  • Spillover effects on job functioning and relationships
  • Reduced overall satisfaction
  • Detrimental decision-making
  • 2. Delegate and entrust responsibilities:

    Travelling over and above the pre-determined official hours of travel also increases the frustration levels of many a traveller. And when you have your own vehicle, why rent one? This is when you should entrust the driving duties to a professional chauffeur. Companies such as Driverskart offer on-demand chauffeur services. So based on your requirement you can designate the task to someone who will lend a supporting hand for your other obligations such as making hospital visits, getting the household shopping done, and the like.

    3. Battle the Boredom:

    Hours of travelling and long hours in traffic can irk even the most patient of souls. But once you have a driver you can depend on, you are left with a lot more time at hand. Daily travel time is the best time to learn something new or to revive the old hobbies and interests. And even if you want to drive by yourself, be mentally prepared for a delay. Like they say “expect the unexpected”. Download an audio book, listen to a radio play, do some breathing exercises, listen to inspirational talks or just hum a happy tune – whatever helps you calm down. Check out few activities that you can do in your travel time here.

    4. Know the Mechanics:

    There are times when you will have to get your hands dirty especially when your car breaks down in the middle of the road and most of your other co-travellers seem to be in a hurry. Just like the emergency drill that workplaces have these days, create a car breakdown drill for yourself. A little knowledge of auto repair and maintenance can come in handy in time of need.

    Life is a journey and we are the travellers. We travel for various reasons, to the point of making it a mundane task. Keep a small amount of travel spirit alive and drive away in the no-stress zone

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