5 Tips to get work done in your commute time

5 Tips to get work done in your commute time

Most of our jobs involve travel and that takes a lot of our time away. If you think you work from 9-5, think again! We leave at 7a.m. to avoid the mad rush and then get stuck in the incessant traffic on our way back . So we work from 7a.m.-7 p.m. The days when we have to carry work back home, it is enough to blow our corks out. That we can use our car commute time to get most of this work done is not lost on us. And multitasking is not really advisable on the road, is it? But then, what if we designate your driving work to an on-demand chauffeur? This will give us more than enough time to accomplish our workplace missions. So let’s get the work moving on the go!

1. Begin light:

If you need to use a part of your travel time for work, it is always better to start with the least stressful job. Schedule your day, prioritise your assignments, confirm appointments, set reminders both work-related and personal, create a template for the presentations – all these can be a dainty beginning to your day.

2. The right gadgets:

Since you cannot always expect a smooth ride thanks to potholes and road bumps, working on laptops may get tedious. That is when you can rely on your smartphones and tablets. They are much more road-friendly. If not anything, the mighty pen and the meek paper can still do wonders.

3. Keep the accessories handy:

All electronic devices need their power cords and we have forgotten how to work without internet connectivity. Most USB cords in the car work fine to give your mobile its life source. But if you intend to use your laptops, you will have to get a proper adapter. Or just make sure you give enough juice to your laptop before leaving for and from work so that it survives the journey. And always keep the Portable WiFi within your reach to avoid internet issues.

4. Know your car’s ergonomics:

At the end of the day, your car is designed to give you a comfortable commute and not a comfortable workspace. So if work is to be done without adding to the physical and mental pressure, you need to make your vehicle work-friendly. You can get a portable tray that can be your workstation on the move.Figure your vehicle out, and fine-tune it to suit your style.

5. Be sensitive to Musculoskeletal Stress:

Whatever the nature of your work, you need to take a breather every 20 minutes of working on your laptop. This is highly imperative for those who are prone to motion sickness. Drives can leave you with a stiff neck and back and over-straining yourself on the laptop may add fuel to the fire. Relax your muscles and fingers that incessantly go tap tap tap on the keyboard. It is good to take extra care and wear the seat belts. It definitely saves you from any sudden impacts especially when you are lost in your work. It also helps you to maintain an appropriate posture and prevent slouching. So you no longer need to carry your work back home – you can leave it in the garage from here on.

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