5 Occasions that call for a driver

5 Occasions that call for a driver

Have you missed out on participating in Antakshari and Dumb charades during family drives because you are busy focusing on the route? Does your girlfriend get annoyed when you don’t pay attention to her as hunting for a parking space seems briefly more important? Do you always have to be the sober one at a party so that your friends and you can reach back home safely? Desperate times such as these do not always call for desperate measures; it calls for a professional chauffeur. You don’t have to reserve hiring a driver solely for your wedding day. Make these 5 occasions a memorable one with your motoring needs taken care of by our professional driver.

1. Birthdays –

You won’t be 18 again, or 21, 25, 30, 60, 75…. Life’s special milestones have to be enjoyed thoroughly. Get our driver to chauffeur you, and make sure you spend every moment of your special day with your special friends and family, with no worries of travel.

2. Business Meetings –

If you plan on meeting your clients en route to your place of work, traveling in your personal vehicle may be a good thought. With a driver by your side, you can concentrate on your client, make the necessary first-impressions and woo him or her by the end of your travel time.

3. Night outs, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties –

After a tiring week, everybody needs to loosen up. And best friends’ wedding calls for additional banter. Don’t let driving woes stop you from hitting the party floor anymore.

4. Dinner Date and Anniversaries –

If driving to your date leaves you and your better- half flustered, it is the time to set the stage right. Entrust your vehicle to one of our drivers, slide into the backseats and let the date begin from your car itself. Savour each other’s presence and get lost in conversations while the driver zooms you past the traffic to your location.

5. Family Vacations –

Vacations are meant to relax, and long drives add to the pleasure. However, you lose out on some good quality time with your loved ones if you spend it behind the wheels. Assign the task of driving to a professional driver and go explore some great places together.
At Driverskart, we aspire to get your travel worries negligible. And occasions such as these call for maximum amusement and minimum misery. So when in need, professional drivers can be your friends indeed.

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